Product Development

Staff Software Engineer: Media Processing

New York, New York   |   Full time


  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree (or above) in a STEM discipline
  • Industry: 1 to 3 years contributing as a team member in a results-driven professional environment


  • C++ and/or Java mastery of fundamentals:
    • Data modeling and implementation
    • Algorithms and complexity analysis
    • Process and memory management
    • Concurrency and parallelism
    • Exception and failure handling
    • Resource monitoring and observability
  • Networking and service-oriented architecture
  • Large-scale distributed real-time systems
  • Modern database design and usage (SQL, key-value, document, column stores)
  • Git
  • Design patterns, state machines
  • Linux
    • Init systems and process management
    • Monitoring
    • TCP/IP stack

Nice-to-haves/tools we use

  • Video Processing: HLS, H264, FFMpeg, GStreamer
  • JVM: Spring, Gradle, Vertx, Camel, Camunda BPM
  • DB: PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Redis, MongoDB
  • AWS: Kinesis, Elemental MediaLive, Elastic Transcode Service
  • UI: ReactJS

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